Should Hideo Kojima Just Go Make a Movie, Already?

Should Hideo Kojima Just Go Make a Movie, Already?

By Nick Dinicola

28 Jan 2016 // 2:30 AM

In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima uses the language of cinema in ways that are only possible in a virtual game. ...

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In Defense of Board Games

By Doug Mann

14 Jan 2016 // 6:29 AM

Board games show us a path out of our addiction to the on-screen desert of gaming by making the real world a tactile oasis for entertainment. You’re playing against people, not code, and you might even learn some history, biology, or economics while you're at it....

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A Character Called Yarny Helps Tie Together Memories and Personal Connections in 'Unravel'>

Unravel is about memories, the small moments that have been forgotten but shouldn’t be....

Women now outnumber men in USC’s video game design program, heralding big industry changes>

Why 'Oxenfree' May Just Be the First Must-Play Game of 2016>

'WWE 2K16' Requires Too Much Excellence in Execution to Have a Good Time>

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Hope and Despair in Video Games

// Moving Pixels

"There are moments in games that capture the feud waged in ourselves between hope and despair.

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