'Dying Light', 'Evolve' and 'Battlefield' Deserve a Replay

'Dying Light', 'Evolve' and 'Battlefield' Deserve a Replay

By Nick Dinicola

20 Nov 2015 // 2:30 AM

These three 2015 early releases are maligned and misunderstood -- and worthy of reconsideration....

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Party of One

By Scott Hughes

19 Oct 2015 // 7:00 AM

Scott Hughes shares a few thoughts about the future of multiplayer and single-player game experiences. Will these types of games eventually become products that are "separate, but equal"?...

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'WWE 2K16' Requires Too Much Excellence in Execution to Have a Good Time>

WWE 2K16 is far, far too complicated to just pick up and play. I understand why. Wrestling is not like other sports. There’s a sadistic creativity surrounding it. ...

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//Mixed media

Because Blood Is Drama: Considering Carnage in Video Games and Other Media

// Moving Pixels

"It's easy to dismiss blood and violence as salacious without considering why it is there, what its context is, and what it might communicate.

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