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Complex Moral Choices Are Best Saved for the End
The kinds of choices that force us to define what we value and how a game is about what we value are best implemented at the end of that game. [11.Jul.14]
Quest for Infamy
In Quest for Infamy, you’ll spend more time looking for a story and puzzles than you do participating in a story and puzzles. [11.Jul.14]
Video Games and the House on Loon Lake
Public radio, abandoned houses, and the search for mystery in video games. [10.Jul.14]
The Ever Expanding Self and 'A Dark Room'
In A Dark Room, the player begins with a sense only of the immediacy of the self and its own needs, before becoming aware of a small corner of the world around that self, before then becoming aware of how that corner fits into a larger and larger universe. [9.Jul.14]
Dressing Classy in 'League of Legends'
By regularly releasing new characters, MOBAs like League of Legends reshape expectations about how a character class must look and play. [8.Jul.14]
In Quest for Infamy, you’ll spend more time looking for a story and puzzles than you do participating in a story and puzzles. [10.Jul.14]
By Arun Subramanian
A sequel to the 2009 Japan-only DS release Tomodachi Collection, Tomodachi Life is less a game than a virtual aquarium (or perhaps sitcom set) populated by Miis. [30.Jun.14]
Even calling the seven women of Conception II "heroines" is almost disingenuous, since it's clear from the start of the game who the hero is and who the "help" is. [25.Jun.14]
Noir Syndrome is simplistic enough to pick up and play and clever enough to keep you coming back for more. [20.Jun.14]
Richard & Alice spins out its morose themes with skill in a fittingly moody atmosphere. The drawback is the slow pace of the puzzles. [16.Jun.14]
Thank God for the LEGO games. [11.Jun.14]
Horror is evoked in games by making the player feel helpless, and who is more helpless than a toddler? [08.Jun.14]
This season of The Walking Dead is not satisfied with establishing a status quo, nor with simply playing to expectations. It doesn't care how we think things should go. It isn't that kind of world anymore. [05.Jun.14]
The Beats were who they were and the biggest crime of a game trying to portray them is in turning them into squares. [04.Jun.14]
Bound by Flame borders on goodness. [02.Jun.14]
Nobody gets to be the hero, but everyone is important. Always Sometimes Monsters is personal, a bit meandering, crass, and occasionally more ham-fisted than it seems to realize. [30.May.14]
By Erik Kersting
The Mario Kart series also isn't about getting the best time. It's about experiencing great moments. [27.May.14]
By Todd Martens
“Valiant Hearts: The Great War” thrusts its main characters into a game in which none of them, ultimately, wants to be a… [09.Jul.14]
From The Blogs
Moving Pixels
By Paul Grosskopf
Within the spaces of darkness or the unknown, Beyond Two Souls asserts that we can exist without being shaped, manipulated, or brutalized by outside forces. [25.Jun.14]
Moving Pixels
The type of puzzle you specialize in solving says a lot about you as a person. [26.May.14]
By Miguel Penabella
Though the video game industry bases itself on forward progression, the rich history of the medium is being underserved by the lack of preservation for older, essential games. [06.Jul.14]
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