Where Did All the (Action Figure) Girls Go?

Where Did All the (Action Figure) Girls Go?

By G. Christopher Williams

11 May 2015 // 2:30 AM

The scarcity of the Black Widow action figure on toy shelves has me thinking about what we think we know about gender identity in play, be that play with toys or play in video games....

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Backwards Compatibility is the Only Way Forward

By Ciarán Ó Muirthile

10 Apr 2015 // 1:20 AM

Every generation has attempted to preserve the most important pieces of its art. It should be just the same with computer games, but often it is not....

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Games in Development Boast a Backdrop of Cultural Exploration>

Designers of each cite historical, scholarly works when discussing the games, indicative of an independent gaming universe that’s increasingly taking a wide-angle lens to game development....

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A Year in the Life of 'Mario Kart 8'

// Moving Pixels

"With a year having passed since the start of Mario Kart 8, it's time to look back on 12 months of roaring engines, hairpin turns, blue shells, and a whole lot of swearing.

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