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'Papers, Please' and the Bureacracy of Play
By Timothy Kennett
Lucas Pope's "bureaucracy simulator" both satirizes our information culture and reveals just how much we love mundane, everyday tasks. [30.Sep.14]
Why Oculus Rift and the Latest Attempts at Virtual Reality Are Bound to Fail
By Brian Crecente (McClatchy-Tribune News Service)
Oculus Rift is the closest thing yet to a consumer-bound product that can deliver what virtual reality experts call presence. [30.Sep.14]
Moving Pixels Podcast: Fairy Tales of Politics, Fairy Tales of Justice
This week we discuss the consequences of crime and its effects on a community that come at the conclusion of The Wolf Among Us [29.Sep.14]
'Blackbar,' The Epistolary Game
Blackbar is the only epistolary game I’ve ever played. [26.Sep.14]
Exploring the Loot Cave of 'Destiny'
Between the four of us shooting into the mouth of this cave there is an unspoken agreement. [25.Sep.14]
You say schlock like it's a bad thing. [22.Sep.14]
Shoot better and better and better. Then, shoot some more. [17.Sep.14]
By Paul Grosskopf
What Another Perspective wants to say is that the the essence of the video game is rooted in interaction. In other words that “You are me. I am you.” [09.Sep.14]
The game earns a trust that allows you to let go of your worries and to just let the mood wash over you, vagaries and all. [02.Sep.14]
With episode 4 of its second season, I feel as if the well is running dry on Telltale's ability to wring new meaning out of The Walking Dead franchise. [26.Aug.14]
The game plays like it belongs in a museum, one of those interactive displays that invites people to navigate the art rather than stare at it. [25.Aug.14]
Orbital Gear is missing an important label that would allow me to forgive its flaws: the "Early Access" label. [18.Aug.14]
A book on the origins of Sega, a gaming industry giant of great historical importance, could have been great. [17.Aug.14]
By Rory Appleton
Get ready to empty your bank accounts. Several must-have games and a few other solid choices flood an October poised to kick off the holiday release season with a bang. [30.Sep.14]
From The Blogs
Moving Pixels
Watch Dog's protagonist is a cliché that never grows beyond cliché. [23.Sep.14]
Texts, Lies, and Subtweets
P.T. has the digital world bleeding out into the real, hands flailing in search of something to hold onto so it can pull itself out of the game and into your living room. [08.Sep.14]
Moving Pixels
By Erik Kersting
Despite putting on display both the virtues and vices of man, Dark Souls does not make a judgment call about humanity, but rather leaves that up to the player. [13.Aug.14]
By Timothy Kennett
Lucas Pope's "bureaucracy simulator" both satirizes our information culture and reveals just how much we love mundane, everyday tasks. [29.Sep.14]
Hearthstone offers a Free-to-Play model that Candy Crush Saga and Tetris Blitz have only claimed to do. [05.Aug.14]
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