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Personalizing Race in 'Dragon Age: Inquisition'
Amid the game’s palatial estates and ancient ruins, I found a story that hit much more close to home than I expected. With remarkable subtlety, the world of Dragon Age creates a personalized experience of race. [18.Dec.14]
Considering the Two Seasons of 'The Walking Dead' Video Game
The first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead earned widespread critical praise, mainstream public appreciation, and a bevy of game of the year awards in 2012. Two years later, The Walking Dead Season Two has received a somewhat more muted reception. [16.Dec.14]
'The Marvelous Miss Take,' a Red Headed Robin Hood
Very simply put, Miss Take is an exceptionally executed game, advancing a kind of minimalist, arcade-style form of stealth that never wears out its welcome. [15.Dec.14]
In 'Lifeless Planet' We're Not Forced to Wander Aimlessly in Search of a Plot
Lifeless Planet uses minimal details to establish a compelling mystery, to subvert our expectations, to create dramatic tension, and to guide exploration. [12.Dec.14]
Nintendo in the Internet Age
When it comes to modern online experiences, Nintendo soars one moment and then stumbles the next. [11.Dec.14]
Very simply put, Miss Take is an exceptionally executed game, advancing a kind of minimalist, arcade-style form of stealth that never wears out its welcome. [15.Dec.14]
Unrest is The Wire, but set in an ancient, mythical India. [09.Dec.14]
This War of Mine is a great game about survival, hope, loss, despair, companionship... but oddly enough not about war. [05.Dec.14]
I kept expecting a villain to pop up or hints of a conspiracy or some outside force that connected all the various vignettes of the story together. In A Golden Wake, there are a bunch of short term goals, but ultimately this is a character-driven narrative. [01.Dec.14]
By Erik Kersting
Grotesque, strange, and difficult, Rebirth offers a fantastic vision of what might be the ideal roguelike. [25.Nov.14]
Never Alone feels like an old Discovery channel special in game form. [21.Nov.14]
Why the plot of Costume Quest 2 doesn’t really matter is simple enough. We know the bad guy can never succeed; Halloween can never be truly destroyed. Any kid could have told you that. [19.Nov.14]
Whereas Jules Verne's novel consisted of only one trip around the world, 80 Days contains multitudes. [17.Nov.14]
The episodic format is a holdover from a time when it was necessary for Telltale to be able to continue making games and no longer seems like an inherent part of the stories they tell. [29.Oct.14]
Most of the horror of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is derived from an eerie sense of dread created through the atmosphere that is established through the presence of the alien and the weird in an otherwise familiar environment. [27.Oct.14]
This game wants to be a work about sacrifice and hardship, the greater good, and moral integrity. However, I wish it could have reached the heights it was aiming for. [24.Oct.14]
The game fails to properly equip the player for the challenges in the game. That sounds like a criticism, but it really works in its favor. [22.Oct.14]
Mixed Media
By Todd Martens
One of the first things you hear in Ryan Green’s video game is a voice mail. Though it’s not a horror game,… [04.Dec.14]
From The Blogs
Moving Pixels
When knowledge falls outside of that which is found on the Internet, it falls outside of modern understanding. Thus, games like these, which fall outside of the norm, become intensely compelling. [01.Dec.14]
Moving Pixels
Here are a few little games to put you in the spirit of the spooky season. How you will come out of the other side is up to you. [29.Oct.14]
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