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The Platformer as Typography Teacher
You’re not just interacting with a particular font, but everything that contributed to the history of that font as well. [22.Aug.14]
On the Frontier's Edge with 'Titanfall'
Riding into the great unknown in the belly of a metal beast. This beast also has a machine gun. [21.Aug.14]
The Art of the Unfinished: Early Access Games and Other Works in Progress
If the player of a building game like Clockwork Empires is intended to help build a world in the game itself, shouldn't that player be able to take part in the process of building Clockwork Empires itself? [20.Aug.14]
Moving Pixels Podcast: Nearly Happily Ever After
This week we discuss the quieter and more subdued penultimate chapter of The Wolf Among Us. [19.Aug.14]
A Filmmaker Wants to Turn the 20th Centurys Greatest Novel Into a Virtual Reality Game
By Brian Crecente
That technology is being used to examine and perhaps shape Ulysses’ understanding, isn’t that surprising. After all, there was a time when books were considered technology. [18.Aug.14]
Orbital Gear is missing an important label that would allow me to forgive its flaws: the "Early Access" label. [18.Aug.14]
A book on the origins of Sega, a gaming industry giant of great historical importance, could have been great. [17.Aug.14]
OlliOlli doesn't care about conforming, it doesn't care about its peers, and it doesn't care what you think of it. All it cares about is landing that trick. [01.Aug.14]
Noir isn't about deduction or reasoning. It's about shaking the trees and seeing what falls out. That's what these episodes are about. [28.Jul.14]
Neil Gaiman wrote a video game. [23.Jul.14]
By keeping it simple, Bat Country has developed a simple, engaging, and surprisingly relaxing two-player competition to pass the time on a lunch break. [21.Jul.14]
Salem is the perfect setting for the game's slightly unreal premise as even the name of the town evokes such slightly otherworldly possibilities. [18.Jul.14]
Tesla Effect is B-grade fun that unfortunately soon turns into B-grade nonsense. [14.Jul.14]
In Quest for Infamy, you’ll spend more time looking for a story and puzzles than you do participating in a story and puzzles. [10.Jul.14]
By Arun Subramanian
A sequel to the 2009 Japan-only DS release Tomodachi Collection, Tomodachi Life is less a game than a virtual aquarium (or perhaps sitcom set) populated by Miis. [30.Jun.14]
Even calling the seven women of Conception II "heroines" is almost disingenuous, since it's clear from the start of the game who the hero is and who the "help" is. [25.Jun.14]
By Todd Martens
Early in the sci-fi mobile game “Revolution 60,” one character is essentially rendered brain-dead. Our heroine, Holiday, frets over what she’ll tell… [12.Aug.14]
From The Blogs
Moving Pixels
By Erik Kersting
Despite putting on display both the virtues and vices of man, Dark Souls does not make a judgment call about humanity, but rather leaves that up to the player. [13.Aug.14]
Moving Pixels
Black Flag isn’t interested in breaking the world into two opposing ideologies. It’s interested in how those ideologies sell themselves to a broken world. [29.Jul.14]
Texts, Lies, and Subtweets
With Google looking to buy Twitch, we take a look back into an early form of videogame spectating and what it means in the context of that acquisition. [16.Jul.14]
Moving Pixels
By Paul Grosskopf
Within the spaces of darkness or the unknown, Beyond Two Souls asserts that we can exist without being shaped, manipulated, or brutalized by outside forces. [25.Jun.14]
By Colin Fitzgerald
Hearthstone offers a Free-to-Play model that Candy Crush Saga and Tetris Blitz have only claimed to do. [05.Aug.14]
By Ciarán Ó Muirthile
How can a character without voice or choice connect with players on an emotional level? [15.Jul.14]
By Miguel Penabella
Though the video game industry bases itself on forward progression, the rich history of the medium is being underserved by the lack of preservation for older, essential games. [06.Jul.14]
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