'Hardcore Henry' Tells Gamers Sorry, There Is No Princess

'Hardcore Henry' Tells Gamers Sorry, There Is No Princess

By G. Christopher Williams

15 Apr 2016 // 3:00 AM

Hardcore Henry questions gamers' instinctual need to fulfill a particular role within the context of a presumed masculine identity. ...

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The Dark Side of Pacifism in 'Undertale'

By Nick Dinicola

15 Mar 2016 // 3:30 AM

What does mercy mean to someone who hates herself? How can pacifism combat depression? How does euthanasia fit into Undertale's moral code?...

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The Future of Video Games Appears to Be Going Mobile>

Recent game data hints that the most diverse playing audience lives on mobile. Or at least the game-playing audience that is no longer traditionally male....

Virtual Reality Shifts Into Greater Focus>

A Character Called Yarny Helps Tie Together Memories and Personal Connections in 'Unravel'>

Women now outnumber men in USC’s video game design program, heralding big industry changes>

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Getting Social with 'Dark Souls III'

// Moving Pixels

"If I invade and murder you, it’s for your own good. I swear.

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