'Dungeons & Dragons' Is Cross-Training for the Mind

'Dungeons & Dragons' Is Cross-Training for the Mind

By Kym Buchanan

5 Apr 2017 // 3:00 AM

If I want cross-training for my mind, video games have great potential, especially if I play a variety of games. However, if my goal is being "ready for anything", tabletop RPGs are best....

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'The Witness': A Game of Wandering and Wondering

By John Wadsworth

8 Feb 2017 // 3:00 AM

This game's core themes -- attentiveness, curiosity, the value of Zen -- are conveyed intuitively through gameplay, allowing them to be internalized in a way that's personally meaningful....

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Gamergate Opened Fire on Diversity. Its Strategy Blasted Into Politics Too>

The strategy belonged to a radical corner of the gaming world that may have provided the winning playbook for the campaign that won the presidential election....

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I’m But a Tool of Totalitarian Capitalism in ‘Beholder’

// Moving Pixels

"I embrace my totalitarian duties -- but only so long as they earn me cash.

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