Owning It: An Interview with Trails and Ways

Owning It: An Interview with Trails and Ways

By Pryor Stroud

28 Oct 2016 // 2:30 AM

"How do I find confidence in myself and belief in my own voice, now that there's no pretense to it being a totally shared project and it's totally centered on me as a songwriter?" ...

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Your Tape Is Our Tape: Mike Mogis Looks Back on Bright Eyes

By Jedd Beaudoin

26 Oct 2016 // 2:00 AM

The saga told across The Studio Albums: 2000-2011 isn't just the story of Conor Oberst's evolution as a songwriter. It's also the story of Mike Mogis's evolution as a producer....

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Caetano Veloso and the Poetry of Protest>

Veloso's revolution has always been one of color and light, pop and poetry, psychedelic experimentation and indigenous tradition....

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry, Singing Their Way Across America>

Revolutionary Poet: Bob Dylan Upended Foundations of Pop With His Literate Lyrics>

Two Separate Memoirs Tell the Singular Tale of the Beach Boys>


Rockaway Beach Is the Surreal Festival That Avoids Fatigue>

In a society stricken with music festival fatigue, Rockaway Beach aims to be an antidote for all that ails the average show-goer....

Thievery Corporation Steals the Night With Truth Bombs at Berkeley Greek>

Melvin Seals and JGB Keep the Flame Burning at Terrapin Crossroads>

A Ritual de lo Habitual in San Francisco With Jane's Addiction and Fishbone>

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How Röyksopp's 'Melody A.M.' Brought Electronica Into the Mainstream

// Sound Affects

"With their debut, the Norwegian duo essentially provided the everyman's guide to electronic music.

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