The Myth of Elvis Presley

The Myth of Elvis Presley

By John Hansen

7 Jul 2015 // 2:02 AM

Rock critic Greil Marcus holds that Elvis' songs are simply a facade. But is there not a creative person behind the facade?...

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Ashley Monroe Is on Her Biggest Winning Streak Yet

By Erin Stevenson

6 Jul 2015 // 2:02 AM

Country music star Ashley Monroe gets up close and personal, discussing the emotional rollercoaster that went into creating her latest release, The Blade along with her creative process and her role within the music business....

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R&B Group the Internet Widens Its Connection with the Deeply Personal 'Ego Death'>

The result is a winning paradox: a jump toward accessibility that also feels deeply personal....

Apple Music Promises Revolution, But Traditional DJs Are What Set It Apart>

Grateful Dead’s Farewell: A Bad Trip Or Will Music Save the Day?>

'Eden' Spins a Poetic Tale of France's Early Electronic Music Scene>


Bryan Adams Revisits His Definitive Hit Album 'Reckless'>

The Canadian rocker celebrates the 30th anniversary of Reckless with a full tour performance....

When Slayer Screams About Dying, You Feel Alive>

Barb Jungr Transformed the Music of Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen for City of London>

Joyful 2015 NYC Pride March in Photos>

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A Crooked and Unseen Highway: lowercase - "You're a King"

// Sound Affects

"Like too many great bands, Lowercase have never received their full due. Ragged, deeply, sometimes even awkwardly, personal music like theirs typically becomes the property of small but passionate fanbases.

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