Down by the Riverside: Thelonious Monk's High-Water Mark

Down by the Riverside: Thelonious Monk's High-Water Mark

By Ben Child

30 Jun 2015 // 3:00 AM

The Complete Riverside Recordings comprises 15 discs' worth of raw material to sift through, a formidable task with endless rewards. ...

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The Grateful Dead Are Dead, Long Live the Grateful Dead

By Jedd Beaudoin

30 Jun 2015 // 2:15 AM

The Grateful Dead didn’t seem to give a damn about the American dream and yet seems to have lived it—well, parts of it, anyway. ...

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'Eden' Spins a Poetic Tale of France's Early Electronic Music Scene>

Eden is a rare film scaled both big and small, paying close attention to tiny details of emotional development and the larger forces working to shape them....

Harold Battiste, Influential New Orleans Musician, Dies at 83>

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EDC Serves As a Barometer of Mainstream Dance Music's Mood>


Damien Rice + Josh Ritter Shine Solo at Celebrate Brooklyn! (Photos)>

Damien Rice's solo Celebrate Brooklyn! set allowed the musician to show his often soft songs in the most ragged and raw light....

The 2015 Contact in the Desert Conference Looked Up to Space for Answers>

Northside Festival 2015: Run the Jewels & The Very Best + Heems (Photos)>

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood Cooks Up "Psychedelic Filling in a Folk Blues Pie" to Rock North Park>

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A Crooked and Unseen Highway: lowercase - "Rare Anger"

// Sound Affects

"Phantasmagorical stories, startling screams, and a visceral combustion of tension comprise Kill the Lights' penultimate tune, "Rare Anger".

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