Coming in to Land: Pigeon John Inducts Hip-Hop Into the Twilight Zone

Coming in to Land: Pigeon John Inducts Hip-Hop Into the Twilight Zone

By Imran Khan

21 Oct 2016 // 3:00 AM

Hip-hop’s most loquacious jester forges ahead into a twilight zone of skewed and jacked up hip-hop....

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"You Can't Plan a Jam": An Interview With Dean Ween

By Thomas Britt

20 Oct 2016 // 2:00 AM

"If it's going somewhere, it might get a bass solo and a drum solo for two minutes. But that's jamming, you know?"...

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Veloso's revolution has always been one of color and light, pop and poetry, psychedelic experimentation and indigenous tradition....

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Jane's first two albums continue to represent a pinnacle of sorts for the classic trio of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll which few other bands have distilled in such a vibrant manner. ...

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How Röyksopp's 'Melody A.M.' Brought Electronica Into the Mainstream

// Sound Affects

"With their debut, the Norwegian duo essentially provided the everyman's guide to electronic music.

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