The Spirit In Her Soul Is Free: An Interview With Linda Clifford

The Spirit In Her Soul Is Free: An Interview With Linda Clifford

By Christian John Wikane

17 Feb 2017 // 2:00 AM

From Curtis Mayfield to Neil Simon, the legendary Linda Clifford recalls how she capped the '70s with two full servings of spunk and sophistication....

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Decoding Dylan, a Servant of the Text

By Christopher John Stephens

16 Feb 2017 // 2:00 AM

Bob Dylan’s work proves not only that he's an autodidact, but also that he understands the importance of structure, form, and tradition in both literature and music. ...

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The Hold Steady's Craig Finn Going Small on Solo Journey>

How does Craig Finn determine what’s a Hold Steady song versus a solo one?...

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Sundance 2017: 'Wind River' + 'The Force'>

Two new films at the Sundance Film Festival -- a murder mystery and a vérité documentary -- ask the same two questions: who has the authority to dispense justice, and with how much violence? ...

Sundance 2017: 'Raw' + 'XX'>

Sundance Film Festival 2017: 'Lemon' + 'Wilson'>

Sundance 2017: 'Before I Fall' + 'A Ghost Story'>

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20 Questions: Nashville Singer-Songwriter Natalie Hemby

// Sound Affects

"Natalie Hemby's Puxico is a standout debut from a songwriter who has been behind the scenes for over a decade.

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