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OxenFree - “Machine” (audio) (premiere)

Brooklyn outfit OxenFree rages against the machine on their latest, tuneful single, “Machine”.

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Sinistro -” Pétalas” (video) (premiere)

Portugal's Sinistro returns with haunting new track and equally devastating video.

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The Skullers - ‘Meet the Skullers’ (album stream) (premiere)

A precocious trio of blues-rock artists make their debut on Meet the Skullers.

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Lone Kodiak - “Smile” (audio) (premiere)

Lone Kodiak's "Smile" is an emotional indie rocker with a progressive sound.

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‘First They Killed My Father’ Is Angelina Jolie’s Most Personal Work Yet

For Angelina Jolie, this is perhaps the most personal film she has made.

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Bruce Sudano - “When Cinderella Dies” (video) (premiere)

Haunting and surreal, “When Cinderella Dies” is the latest video from singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano’s sixth solo album, 21st Century World.

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Gunner & Smith - ‘Byzantium’ (album stream) (premiere)

Gunner & Smith's new album Byzantium is haunting Americana inspired by the darker sides of love and loss.

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Andrew Bryant - “Robert Downey Jr.‘s Scars” (video) (premiere)

No one wrings profound moments of clarity from ephemeral thoughts quite like Mississippi songwriter Andrew Bryant.

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Derek Hoke - “Destination Unknown” (audio) (premiere)

Derek Hoke's new song "Destination Unknown" is soothing, pastoral Americana reflecting an adventurous night's drive.

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Bette Smith - “I Found Love” (audio) (premiere)

Brooklyn soul singer Bette Smith is a major new voice in soul music and her single "I Found Love" burns the house down with its incendiary heat.

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