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9 Apr 2015 // 10:16 AM

Eddie Huang Slams ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Again

It’s hardly rare for writers to be unhappy with how Hollywood interprets their books, but they typically cash the checks and keep their gripes

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12 Mar 2015 // 1:05 AM

Virtues and Vices in Charles Baxter’s Latest

There Is Something I Want You To Do reminds us that happiness, like morality, is fluid and that we must guard it accordingly.

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4 Mar 2015 // 2:05 AM

Ruth Goodman Covers the Cold, Hard Truths of Victorian Life

Without electricity, indoor plumbing or modern medicine, people toiled endlessly to survive.

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3 Mar 2015 // 2:05 AM

Teen Bully Turned International Criminal, Who’d Have Thought?

A boy whose roommate gave him nightmares, fed him frightening foods, and beat him while listening to Jesus Christ Superstar, tracks down his tormentor.

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Edith Pearlman Has a Fine Eye for the Intimate in ‘Honeydew’

This work is smart and deeply rendered, full of striking observations and some of the best sentences you’ll ever want to read.

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Okey Ndibe’s ‘Arrows of Rain’ Splits Its Powerful Message

This is a strange and at times unwieldy book. It's also smart and often deftly written, a parable of power and the humanity it strips away.

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‘Sophia’ Is a Fascinating Story of a Princess Turned Revolutionary

This former socialite once made the papers after throwing herself at the car of Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith while holding a banner reading, “Give women the vote!”

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Secret Conflicts Shape a Family in Sandip Roy’s ‘Don’t Let Him Know’

At its best, Don’t Let Him Know merges — or, more fundamentally, presents — the clash between Indian and American, traditional and tolerant sensibilities.

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New Books by Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee Hint at Directions for Potential Presidential Campaigns

Marco Rubio clearly hopes to balance his relative inexperience, while Mike Huckabee seems content to rally his core supporters.

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Nick Hornby’s ‘Funny Girl’ Is Sedate Despite Its Swinging ‘60s London Setting

Funny Girl is at its best in its evocation of shifting sands of normalcy, the ever-expanding notion of what propriety will bear.

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