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20 Jun 2016 // 11:00 AM

Director Opens Up About His Obsessions in Documentary ‘De Palma’

The weirdly touching documentary De Palma is catnip for cinephiles, at least those who haven’t written off its subject, filmmaker and eternal provocateur Brian De Palma.

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‘Tickled’ Looks at Subculture and Companies That Profit From It

Smoothly shot and edited despite its handheld paranoid-thriller style, Tickled was one of the more talked-about premieres at this January’s Sundance Film Festival.

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Stoner Comedy ‘My Friend’s Rubber Ducky’ Keeps It Real

For those who prefer their stoner comedies with a less bloodthirsty temperament comes the absurdist romp My Friend’s Rubber Ducky.

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‘I, Daniel Blake’ Wins the Palme d’Or, If Not Popular Favor

The Palme d’Or on Sunday went to British filmmaker Ken Loach for I, Daniel Blake, the on-the-nose narrative of working-class folks getting the runaround from an unfeeling government welfare bureaucracy.

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13 May 2016 // 12:06 PM

‘Lobster’ Is a Rich, Surreal Take on Love

The Lobster is very much its own brand of horror movie as well as a deranged thought experiment and a witty dismantling of the usual barriers separating man from beast.

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10 May 2016 // 11:28 AM

This Summer: It’s the Attack of the Reboot Blockbuster

The summer of 2016 looks a whole lot like any other summer at the multiplexes where franchises and sequels, comic-book superheroes, stupid-with-a-capital-S comedies, and at least two movies with Kevin Hart in the cast dominate.

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9 May 2016 // 8:59 AM

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Debuts With $181.8 Million

Civil War's performance was projected to be massive given news from Fandango that pre-sales for the $250 million film outpaced every other superhero movie in the online ticket seller’s 16-year history.

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New Films Including ‘A Hologram for the King’ Show a More Complex Portrait of Americans Abroad

If contemporary filmmaking is to be believed, planting seeds in new lands can still result in some pretty nasty farming accidents.

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13 Apr 2016 // 11:55 AM

Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Gives Art-Centric Films Their Close-Up

Art-centric films are being made often these days, and the New York-based Tribeca, which is known for its documentaries, will put many of them on display.

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Will Napster Co-Founder Sean Parker’s Screening Room Disrupt the Film Industry?

Screening Room would not be the first to rent movies to consumers at home on the same day that they are released in theaters.

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