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14 Apr 2015 // 10:06 AM

PopTalk: Can Some Artists Become Immune to Serious Criticism?

In the eyes of critics, can David Lynch ever make a bad film? Or Kanye West a bad album?

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Beach Boy Brian Wilson says biopic ‘Love & Mercy’ gets it right

Brian Wilson has always seen the power of music as something that transcended mere entertainment.

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‘Ex Machina’ Director: “I like the machines. I have problems with humans”

“The challenge is — and this is such a bad way to sell a movie — the challenge is how do you make a movie which is basically a film of ideas?” director Alex Garland said recently.

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3 Apr 2015 // 7:58 AM

Frank Sinatra’s Story Told on HBO

If Frank Sinatra eventually lost his grip on pop, Alex Gibney thinks he persists today because of the emotion and passion in his best music, particularly the ballads.

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31 Mar 2015 // 11:17 AM

‘Mad Max’ Conquering Cannes

It took 30 years for “Mad Max” to return, but now that he’s coming back, he’s doing it in style. “Mad Max: Fury Road,”

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23 Mar 2015 // 1:25 PM

Filmmaker Noah Baumbach Is Hitting That Middle-age Groove

People have often worked hard to pick apart what elements of Baumbach’s films are drawn from his own life, this character representing that person and so on. He has often bristled at the notion, preferring to focus on their fictional elements.

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‘1971’ Recalls Burglary That Birthed America’s ‘Big Brother’

“1971” is an appropriately matter-of-fact title for a decidedly low-key documentary. But don’t mistake a lack of flash for an absence of substance. The story

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Director Explores 1970s Northern Ireland Through the Eyes of a British Soldier in ‘‘71’

In the new film ‘71, set in bloody Northern Ireland during the Troubles between Catholics and Protestants, a young soldier must find his way back to his barracks.

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Ban of ‘India’s Daughter’ by Delhi Court Fuels Anger Worldwide

When word of a Delhi court’s ban on the film India’s Daughter reached Leslee Udwin last week, the filmmaker was faced with a dilemma.

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12 Mar 2015 // 10:45 AM

R Marks the Spot at SXSW Film Festival

SXSW has staked out its own distinct territory by spotlighting commercial comedies that are vital to the movie business but rarely show up at festivals such as Sundance, Toronto or Cannes.

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