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Video Games: Rating the Major Studios’ E3 Press Conferences

After checking out the trailers, awkward talks and marketing gimmicks, here’s how the machines that run most of the industry did on its largest stage, E3.

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Ready to Play ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rock Band’ Again? Game Makers Hope So

The two games, Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4, are hoping to make some noise at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

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‘Adr1ft’ Helps ‘Shamed’ Game Designer Put His Life Back Together

Adr1ft may look like a work of science fiction, but in reality it’s one of the most deeply personal video games of 2015.

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15 Jun 2015 // 10:53 AM

Video Game Music Comes to Concert Hall

"Video game music is the most unique in history. When you play a video game, that character is you. His music is the soundtrack of your life."

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8 Jun 2015 // 9:36 AM

Set in the Past, ‘Sunset’ Speaks to Today

Sunset is the rarest of war stories, one that touches upon those on the sidelines rather than the frontlines.

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How Delays Turned ‘The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt’ into a Must-own Game

The release of Polish game studio CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt earlier this month proves however that sometimes we need industry folk to save us from ourselves.

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Games in Development Boast a Backdrop of Cultural Exploration

Designers of each cite historical, scholarly works when discussing the games, indicative of an independent gaming universe that’s increasingly taking a wide-angle lens to game development.

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The Console Needs to Die and Nintendo Should Be the One to Pull the Trigger

That the home console has survived so deep into this blossoming age of cheap, ubiquitous tech can only be blamed on a sort of blind spot created by nostalgia.

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Asher Vollmer, Creator of the Elegant ‘Threes’, Turns Cynical with ‘Royals’

Royals starts with the grandest of ambitions, teasing players to carve out a strategy that will take them from peasantry to the upper class.

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21 Apr 2015 // 1:35 PM

Fans Get Early Glimpse of ‘Star Wars’ Video Game

Want to play with lightsabers? Those are here. Want to shoot a blaster like Han Solo? You can do that. Want to pilot an X-Wing? Of course that’s a possibility.

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