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How Delays Turned ‘The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt’ into a Must-own Game

The release of Polish game studio CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt earlier this month proves however that sometimes we need industry folk to save us from ourselves.

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Games in Development Boast a Backdrop of Cultural Exploration

Designers of each cite historical, scholarly works when discussing the games, indicative of an independent gaming universe that’s increasingly taking a wide-angle lens to game development.

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The Console Needs to Die and Nintendo Should Be the One to Pull the Trigger

That the home console has survived so deep into this blossoming age of cheap, ubiquitous tech can only be blamed on a sort of blind spot created by nostalgia.

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Asher Vollmer, Creator of the Elegant ‘Threes’, Turns Cynical with ‘Royals’

Royals starts with the grandest of ambitions, teasing players to carve out a strategy that will take them from peasantry to the upper class.

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21 Apr 2015 // 12:35 PM

Fans Get Early Glimpse of ‘Star Wars’ Video Game

Want to play with lightsabers? Those are here. Want to shoot a blaster like Han Solo? You can do that. Want to pilot an X-Wing? Of course that’s a possibility.

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‘The Order: 1886’ Is Ambitious, But Game’s Convoluted Plot Muddles Its Message

The Order: 1886 wants to be a popcorn flick as badly as it does a video game.

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18 Feb 2015 // 11:14 AM

Games2attack released the new adventure game, Forest Bird House Escape, yesterday and you can play it right here, right now.

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Bugs and Heists Will Make Or Break ‘Battlefield Hardline’

The future of the 13-year-old Battlefield franchise rests heavily on this game getting cleaned up before it launches March 17. I hope the developers can pull it off.

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The Indelicates Release Virtual Reality Single, “The Generation That Nobody Remembered”

British punk/folk/ cabaret duo the Indelicates have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to releasing music in the digital age, and "The Generation That Nobody Remembered" is no exception.

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‘That Dragon, Cancer’ brings a serious real-life ordeal to gaming

One of the first things you hear in Ryan Green’s video game is a voice mail. Though it’s not a horror game, the

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//Mixed media

'Day of Anger' Is a Spaghetti Western Oedipus

// Short Ends and Leader

"Like the best spaghetti westerns, Day of Anger injects social commentary into its flashy widescreen vistas and ear-catching music.

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