The Wizard of Oz

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

by Sarah Zupko

1 December 2009


Don’t let the title or cover graphics fool you, The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is neither a cheesy movie tie-in nor another kiddie game for the Nintendo DS. I popped this into my game machine expecting both of those things and instead found an amazingly addictive and complex RPG with a gorgeous interface and the ability to truly absorb the player. That’s rare for a DS title. The story riffs off the familiar Wizard of Oz tale, but only ever-so-lightly, as you lead the characters on a quest that involves turn-based strategy battle and leveling up. The overall quest is so involved, you can literally play a single game for weeks, assuming you’re actually stopping to, you know, eat, work and sleep. This is the one of the best RPGs for Nintendo DS I’ve played and it has that added fun of the Wizard of Oz characters we remember from our youth.


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