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Prince of Persia

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Thursday, Dec 3, 2009
Prince of Persia - Ubisoft - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC [$59.99]
cover art

Prince of Persia

(Ubisoft; US: 2 Dec 2008)

Review [22.Jan.2009]

Ubisoft’s relaunch of the Prince of Persia series puts other efforts to re-envision the platformer, like Mirror’s Edge, to shame.

The effort here is to provide a fantastic experience, not at all intellectual but one driven by velocity and the player’s own gut. The Prince seems to follow his own basic compulsions as we have come to understand them over the course of the story. This game is extremely successful at providing a sense of immersion in the skills that being the Prince should emphasize.

The new Prince is a vagabond and anti-hero whose motivations to save the world seem driven by self interest and, perhaps, more an interest in Elika than her kingdom. Ubisoft does a nice job in maintaining the integrity of that character by allowing the narrative momentum to achieve its natural outcome in the close of what otherwise would be a simplistic fairy tale.

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