Trackmania DS

by Mike Schiller

1 December 2009

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Trackmania DS

US: Mar 2009

Review [22.Mar.2009]

What a new player to Trackmania DS will notice right off the bat is that the very feel of a single Trackmania race is actually quite different than any other racing game out there.  For one thing, most racing games make sure that a single race takes at least a minute; if a lap takes less than a minute, multiple laps will show up, and the player usually gets something close to a two-minute race. This games sticks to one lap, which in some cases can last less than 20 seconds.

You can pick up the game, boot up the DS, hit start, race, and shut it back down again in under a minute, making this an ideal bus ride game (or doctor’s waiting room game, or standing at your locker between classes game). Some racers have stories, some racers aim for pure speed, but no racing game out there focuses on the art of building the perfect track like Trackmania.

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