Where have all the bloggers gone?

by Jason Gross

5 November 2010


Well, according to this Forbes article, we’re on Facebook and Twitter instead.  Maybe not surprising since these two services have led the social media boom. 

But it also signals a shift in writers and their readers.  We’re gravitating there mostly because it’s easier and a more fun experience to jot down 140 character notes or easily share links and news with 1000’s of ‘friends’ through Facebook.  Blogging is so… last decade by now, right?  Admittedly, I’ve slacked off in this regard but I know I’m not alone- not just the Forbes article but more than one editor at various publications have told us bunch of lazy scribes that we need to be writing more blog posts.  And they have a point- we should, if only to help continue the conversation about arts/media.  But when print or TV media brag about their online presence, more often than not, they talk about their Twitter or Facebook accounts now and not a blog they do (even though many of them still have one, to their credit).

I don’t wanna give up on blogging- it’s still fun to share thoughts and ideas here in a longer form like this- but I have to admit that the allure and intimacy of social media is hard to fight off.  And now back to tweeting…


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