Publicists Dish on Their Preferences... Print Vs. Online

by Jason Gross

8 December 2010


For anyone who’s written a music review in the last few years and approached a publicist for an advance copy of an album or a place on a show’s guest list, one question you’ll hear back commonly is ‘will this appear online or in print?’ I’ve heard this so much that it started to become background noise and standard practice for the biz. But I started wondering about it recently again, especially with print publications sinking so quickly or going the online-only route now. 

What was the real meaning behind this question of print vs. online? Is one preferable now? If so, why? My guess was that print carried more weight but was that really the case, especially nowadays?

Obviously, the best source are the publicists themselves so I asked about a dozen of them if they’d like to speak about this. About half responded and I thought it would be instructive not only for other people involved in the biz but also any music fan to see how these mechanisms work from an inside perspective, including both labels and promotion/marketing companies that work with several labels.

Thanks to the people below who participated and opened up about this interesting facet of the music business. And just so you know, this article is appearing online!  NOTE TO OTHER PUBLICISTS OUT THERE: What’s your take on this?  Do you agree with what’s said here?


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