Best Actress Rewind


by Matt Mazur

11 May 2011

Best Actress Rewind is back! Oscar-watcher Matt Mazur challenges the Academy's choices in his favorite category, comparing the Academy nominees with his own (frequently better) nominees!

Oscar Nominees:

Ingrid Bergman ... Autumn Sonata
Ellen Burstyn ... Same Time, Next Year
Jill Clayburgh ... An Unmarried Woman
Jane Fonda ... Coming Home
Geraldine Page ... Interiors

Mazur Nominees:

Ingrid Bergman & Liv Ullmann ... Autumn Sonata


Geraldine Chaplin ... Remember My Name


Jill Clayburgh ... An Unmarried Woman



Jamie Lee Curtis ... Halloween



Geraldine Page ... Interiors



Oscar Winner: Jane Fonda’s second Oscar win for Hal Ashby’s dated Coming Home feels more like a wasted opportunity to reward a more legendary performance by one of her competitors. Clayburgh is woefully underrated in the excellent An Umarried Woman. Page was an incredible dramatic force in Woody Allen’s Interiors. Had Bergman not won a Supporting Actress Oscar in 1973 for Murder on the Orient Express, her third Academy Award, this would have been hers to lose. Sadly, Autumn Sonata would be Bergman’s final feature film.

Mazur Winner: The acting in an Ingmar Bergman film is always top-flight. In the case of Autumn Sonata, to separate the warring mother-daughter in this category makes little sense—this was a symbiotic relationship, co-dependent in every way, so the only fair solution would be to reward both actresses for their emotionally-dense depiction of mother/child distance.

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