Best Actress Rewind


by Matt Mazur

19 May 2011

Best Actress Rewind is back! Oscar-watcher Matt Mazur challenges the Academy's choices in his favorite category, comparing the Academy nominees with his own (frequently better) nominees!

Oscar Nominees:

Ingrid Bergman ... The Bell’s of St. Mary’s
Joan Crawford ... Mildred Pierce
Greer Garson ... The Valley of Decision
Jennifer Jones ... Love Letters
Gene Tierney ... Leave Her to Heaven

Mazur Nominees:

Joan Bennett … Scarlet Street


Joan Crawford … Mildred Pierce *


Wendy Hiller … I Know Where I’m Going!



Ann Savage … Detour



Gene Tierney … Leave Her to Heaven



Oscar Winner and Mazur Winner: In a year of weak competition, there was no stopping icon Joan Crawford from deservedly collecting her first and only Academy Award. Bergman was mentioned as a possible upset, but again, bad timing with winning in a previous year (1944 for Gaslight) worked against her. Though Oscar’s choice of leading ladies was a bit uninspired other than Tierney, for those who preferred grit to gloss there was Joan Bennett and Ann Savage, both deliciously fatale in their respective noirs, and Wendy Hiller, romantic and beaming throughout the magic realism of I Know Where I’m Going! Still, Crawford’s pure star charisma in a role perfectly-suited to her steely talents cannot be trumped by anyone this year.

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