Help Fund the New ATP Film from Vincent Moon

by Russ Slater

4 October 2011

Vincent Moon and Warp Films launch Kickstarter campaign for new ATP Festival Short Film Project.

Is Vincent Moon one of the busiest directors in the music industry right now? What’s certain is that he’s one of the most unique. After recent work on DVDs for Arcade Fire and R.E.M., and alongside his normal work on Le Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows, as well as his nomadic existence travelling around the world for his Petites Planetes project, he has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new ATP film project.

ATP (or All Tomorrow’s Parties) is one of the most unique festivals in the UK, set in a holiday camp with weekends of music curated by people such as Sonic Youth, Mogwai, Vincent Gallo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse and Matt Groening in the past. Vincent has been a regular at the festival, filming lots of fan’s eye view footage of proceedings.
It’s this footage that Vincent along with Warp Films are planning to make into four short films that will, once funds raised, be distributed for free for anyone who wants to see them.

They are asking for people to pledge anywhere from $1 to $5,000, with CDs, DVDs, posters, film credits, festival tickets and even your own personal film made by Vincent Moon, coming back your way in exchange.

They have already completed the edit of the first film but need help with post-production on the other three short films. Here’s the four films that they intend on making:

  • From Smoke - Portishead’s Nightmare Before Christmas, narrated by Damo Suzuki
  • From Hybrid - Explosions in the Sky’s ATP, narrated by Saul Williams
  • The Melvins/Mike Patton curated Nightmare Before Christmas, narrated by Lydia Lunch
  • 10 Years of All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, narrated by Josh Pearson

To contribute just go to Kickstarter.




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