The Moving Pixels Podcast Joins the 'League of Legends'

by G. Christopher Williams

13 February 2012

It's hard to avoid the allure of League of Legends. It's free-to-play, features matches that can be completed in an hour, and has a community that... well... it has a community.

This week Jorge Albor and I are joined by game designer Matthew Gallant to discuss Riot Games’s free-to-play sensation, League of Legends.

There is much to talk about here, from Riot’s successful business model to its varied gameplay offerings to its management of its very large and (*ahem*) very complicated community.

We consider this video game and the nature of such “eSports” from just about every angle.

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Our podcast contributors:

G. Christopher Williams is the Multimedia Editor at  You can find his weekly updates featured at the Neuromance blog.

Jorge Albor is a contributor to the Moving Pixels blog at  You can also find his writing and podcasts at

Matthew Gallant is a game designer at LightBox Interactive.  He also writes about game design on his blog, The Quixotic Engineer


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