Sally Field and the Art of Giving a Great Speech

by Matt Mazur

11 December 2012

Having just won the Best Supporting Actress citation from the New York Film Critics Circle, Field is a now threat to take home yet another Oscar. Will her infamous award speeches cinch the deal?

Sally Field gives buoyant, triumphant speeches during awards season, and there is no denying this. It makes you wonder if the anticipation of yet another joyous outpouring of emotion from Field onstage could be a factor that sways awards voters to tick off her name on their ballots this year. As Mary Todd Lincoln in Steven Speilberg’s incredible biopic of one of the nation’s most legendary presidents, Field gives an utterly commanding performance packed with details that will likely earn her her third Academy Award nomination, and if the awards fates align justly, maybe even a deserved third win
But will the fact that she almost-always delivers incredible speeches sway voters? The veteran actress can hopefully expect a few trips to various podiums this season to deliver even more memorable acceptance speech moments as she collects plaques and hardware to add to her already-huge collection. Please find below the top Sally Field awards acceptance speeches and start imagining what she might have on her mind this year because it is sure to bring the house down.

Oscar win for Norma Rae:

Oscar win for Places in the Heart:

Emmy win for Brothers and Sisters:

HRC Ally for Equality Award win:

Lincoln has made more than $85 million at the box office and is headed for multiple accolades. Check out key moments from Sally Field’s work in the film, accompanied by an interview about her preparation for Lincoln with the AP below:


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