Wasabassco Burlesque '70s Variety Hour

New York (Photos)

by Sachyn Mital

11 March 2014

Not all burlesque shows are fortunate enough to be winners. In New York, Doc Wasabassco holds the trump card.

Wasabassco Burlesque '70s Variety Show

21 Feb 2014: The Bell House — Brooklyn, NY

The Wasabassco Family Striptease ‘70s Variety Hour is the full name of the latest themed burlesque production from Doc Wasabassco. But this time, Doc didn’t take credit for putting together the excellent show. One of his troupe has proven to be the trump card. That impresario is Nasty Canasta and she prepared, hosted and danced in the hilarious, fixating and titillating show.
Without going to much into their acts, the talent on stage included, Sydni Deveraux (dazzling), Albert Cadabra (in a title-fight), Hazel Honeysuckle (singing!), Medianoche (sassing), Mr. Gorgeous (hapless and hilarious), Penny Wren (go-going), Poison Ivory (balloon popping), Sapphire Jones (prowling) and Stache Novak (exercising). Amidst the individual performances was the thread of the ‘70s theme. Mock product commercials were shown, bad jokes were told and a Benny Hill inspired pursuit had people scrambling all around the stage.

There is a lot more to these larger Wasabassco productions that just removing clothes, though that does happen. Entertainment is at the forefront of the agenda. The next themed event is their St. Patrick’s Day for Sinners show with all red-heads. Recently voted one of the best ways to celebrate the day in New York, a lot of drinkers may find there way there. More info is at the (likely NSFW) Wasabassco page.

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