Shirin - "Take a Bullet" (audio) (Premiere)

by PopMatters Staff

18 April 2014

British singer Shirin brings glampop back front and center, but she can rock too and sounds like the next in the line of great UK dancepop divas.

Shirin‘s debut release is the EP Good Girls Always Surrender and “Take a Bullet” is the first single. The tune is a real dancefloor filler with bangin’ beats and powerful vocals.

Shirin says, “the writing process for ‘Take a Bullet’ happened so quickly for me. I remember sitting in the studio with Michael Stockwell and he had this guitar riff playing round and round, which is the opening riff for the song, and I was thinking ‘this feels like a real movie soundtrack song.’ I had all these images playing out in my mind like I was in a Western film sitting in a saloon, and then the chorus kicks in and it’s like a brawl is happening. It felt really epic and the first like that came to me was “Bang, Bang, Bang Honey, shot you down, down.”
“I was very selective about what influenced me when writing for my EP, as I didn’t want to carbon copy anything that was happening right now in music. So I would only listen to strong female figures like Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, Annie Lennox, and my family just had to put up with hearing these songs over and over again if they chose to ride in my car! Like a lot of creative minds, I’m also very influenced by visions, smells, and textures. I have a collection of coloured pens in my bag when I go to the studio and for this song I was drawn to a deep purple to write the song out it in.

“‘Take a Bullet’ has a real ballsy attitude but also a sweet undertone. The story is about lulling a person in, and then asking them to sacrifice everything for love, without really knowing if it’s true love. It’s got so much dynamics in the way it moves, and I really just went with my gut when I picked this song as a lead single. I never question my instinct, there’s always a reason for it nudging me. “

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