Trevor Hall - "To Zion" (audio) (Premiere)

by Adrien Begrand

22 June 2015

Singer-songwriter Trevor Hall's new track lovingly blends folk, reggae, and Sanskrit.

Written in Hawaii and recorded in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Trevor Hall’s forthcoming album Kala marks the completion of a trilogy of albums that, according to Hall, chronicles the musical journey he’s taken over the past several years. As his new track “To Zion” shows, his fascination with meditative themes, gentle, surf-inspired folk, reggae, and Sanskrit chanting remains as strong as ever. It’s a graceful amalgam of styles by a musician who loves to embrace the music of the world. There are no genre boundaries for Hall, and that freedom permeates “To Zion”.
“To Zion is a song that is about walking into the space of the heart, and love being the key to opening it’s door,” he tells PopMatters. “It is inspired by my search to reach a place of total unity and oneness.”

Kala will be released 21 August on Vanguard Records.



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