50 Cent Endorses Hillary

by Joe Tacopino

5 September 2007


If you thought politics made strange bedfellows, look what happens when politics and pop culture combine. That’s right, inveterate rapper and former crack dealer 50 Cent, has weighed in on the 2008 Presidential race (why not?). Here’s what the artist told MTV News in a recent interview:

“I’d like to see Hillary Clinton be president. It would be nice to see a woman be the actual president and ... this is a way for us to have Bill Clinton be president again, and he did a great job during his term.”

While I’m sure Hillary is pleased with the psuedo-endorsement, she might take umbrage with the last part of 50’s statement concerning her husband’s role in her future administration. The former first lady has been attempting to deal with the overbearing popularity of her crowd pleasing companion. In any case, the nod is a welcome addition to a campaign competing with the rockstar status of Barack Obama who has been courting support from the black community.

There are other, more politically astute, hip-hop artists which have not yet vocalized their thought on the current crop of presidential contenders. So this begs the question: When will Kanye West will put in his, er, 2 cents?

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