Good and better ideas online- coming together

by Jason Gross

4 December 2008


With news that the news biz is laying off more and more people, I can’t work up enthusiasm for the Grammy nominations right now, even if Lil Wayne bagged a bunch of them (which had to happen anyway since he’s got the best-selling album of the year).  A bunch of friends I know already lost their jobs at Viacom and many others are wondering if they’ll still have their jobs in 2009.

That’s why I’m encouraged by the bits of synergy that I’m starting to see happen more and more.  It’s hard to gauge how far these things can be taken but they might show some promise about the way to go in the Web world.

- Facebook Connect seems like an interesting idea, letting you hook up your Facebook items to your own site.  Publications could do the same, harnessing the power of this popular social networking service onto their site.

- Carnegie Hall is auditioning musicians by YouTube submissions.  This might sound like a gimmick but renowned conductor Michael Tilson Thomas is involved and like the Facebook idea, it also involves harnessing a popular web service for this event.  It’s already done it’s job as it’s gotten the interest of several publications who are covering the event.

- NY Post is posting Wall Street Journal material.  Makes sense since Rupert Murdoch owns both now and why not share resources, especially if there’s less staff to cover everything at each publication?

- Pitchfork and Fader are joining forces in an ad partnership, which will include “print, online, festivals, events and unique content exchanges.”  Not exactly like the NYP/WSJ combo but it’s the same kind of idea of pooling resources.

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