Music Day 3

No Primal Scream, No Sonics

by Jennifer Kelly

21 March 2009


Music Day 3: No Primal Scream, No Sonics

Some bands at SXSW don't require a badge…

Some bands at SXSW don’t require a badge…

SXSW festival attendees fall into three classes. First there are the badge people, many of whom work for big publications and big labels, and an awful lot of whom spend more time on their text messaging than actually listening to the bands. They get into shows first. Then there are the wristband people (yours truly) who can get into most shows without paying, but only if there are not too many badge people ahead of them. And finally there are the people who just show up and pay at the door. They are, in most cases, less likely to get into big shows than wristbands, but not always, depending on how much cash they can offer at the door. At La Zona Rosa, where the Scottish Arts Council is hosting the Proclaimers, Glasvegas, and Primal Scream, you’re not getting in without a badge or a $20 bill. I reluctantly give up on my long-time obsession with Bobby Gillespie.

Okay, fine, the Sonics, inventors of that “Waaa-aaaa-aaa” garage-band yell and progenitors of classics like “Psycho” and “Witch” are on at 8 pm at Emo’s. I’ll head over there. 

The line is down the block, and, again, dominated by badges. 

Choice #3 is the Touch & Go/Quarterstick showcase at Flamingo Cantina, but it’s nearly 8 o’clock and the iron bars are still pulled down over the entrance. 

Choice #4 is the WFMU showcase at Spiro’s, and, the minute I walk in the door, I’m home.


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