Best music scribing of 2005

by Jason Gross

15 December 2005


Tis the season to reflect back on the year, make resolutions and remember all the good and bad things that happened in the last 300 or so days.  As part of that, I’m doing my annual round-up for, covering the best music writing of the year.  I have a pretty good list so far but I thought I’d poll the blogsphere (great word) to find out if there’s any that I need to know about.  If you want to nominate yourself, don’t be bashful or modest.  Feel free to post your favorites here to share with the online world or you can give me a shout directly at [email protected]

I’m also gathering thoughts about the state of music journalism in this age of declining print readership, circulation scandals, lay-off’s, etc..  Not a pretty picture, needless to say.  One thing’s for sure- media is changing rapidly now because of online innovations and it’s impossible to turn back from that now.  A lot of hand wringing is going on as well as fretting and guessing about the future.  There are definitely going to be more hard times to come but there will also be opportunities that spring up.

What I’m still wondering about is where the media itself is heading and what’s driving it there.  Music journalism isn’t disconnected from the rest of the scribing world by any means so this is something important that’s gonna shape the future of the field.  To be continued…


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