Culture Wars - "Money (Gimmie, Gimmie)" (video) (premiere)

by Sarah Zupko

13 April 2017

Austin's Culture Wars come blazing out of the gate with an addictive electrorock sound and swagger.

Austin’s Culture Wars is a young band about to release their debut EP and they sport a fully-formed, radio-ready sound that blends heavy chugging guitars with foot stomping electronic beats. Frontman Alex Dugan is a charismatic singer with a distinctive rock voice that could fill stadiums. Imagine the Prodigy blended with Aerosmith and you get close to what Culture Wars is all about. Today, we are bringing you the first single from the Culture Wars EP releasing June 9th. Entitled “Money (Gimmie, Gimmie), it’s anthemic slice of electrorock that serves as a statement of purpose for a young group seeking success and also grapples with identity issues. The song is instantly memorable as is Culture Wars.
Dugan tells PopMatters that “like the song itself, the whole video is all about identity… not really knowing who you are, not knowing what’s expected of you, and not really knowing anyone’s true intentions. That’s something I grapple with quite heavily. Trying to figure out who I really am and figure out what that person sounds like. Jeremi Mattern and I co-directed the video and wanted to do the whole thing with heavy gel (colored) lights on a big soundstage out in South Austin. His team built out a set, and we even filled a bathtub up with black sludge. We shot the whole thing in a 14-hour day, and Jeremi did a fantastic job editing it all together afterward.”


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