Hannah Williams and the Affirmations - "Tame in the Water" (audio) (premiere)

by Sarah Zupko

15 December 2016

UK soul singer extraordinaire Hannah Williams is back with an incendiary, soul-stomper of a tune, "Tame in the Water".

UK soul singer extraordinaire Hannah Williams has formed a tight new band with the Affirmations and they make the kind of incendiary, stomp-your-feet and clap-your-hands soul music that lit up the ‘60s and ‘70s. Pairing with Bristol’s the Affirmations has given Williams a super fine level of musicianship to pair with her burn-down-the-house vocals. Hannah Williams and the Affirmations’ new album, Late Nights & Heartbreak, released back on 18 November. Today we’re premiering a fresh single for you, the Northern soul number “Tame in the Water”, which begins with beautifully phrased gentle vocals and rises into an emotional, soul stomper where Williams really belts it out holding nothing back.
Williams tells PopMatters that “‘Tame in the Water’ was written as a northern soul, an upbeat tune originally. Throughout the recording process in the studio with our producer Malcolm Catto of the Heliocentrics, one day we tried it with a half-time feel and everyone in the room instantly felt it was a much sleeker and sexier groove, so we re-wrote it around that and we’ve recorded both of them.”

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