Hilary Rosen's Return

by Jason Gross

22 May 2008


If the New York Times can foolishly hire wrong-headed idiot William Kristol as a columnist, then Arianna Huffington can make the same mistake by hiring former RIAA head Hilary Rosen. Start blaring “The Bitch Is Back” now. 

Just as Kristol was hired as a Washington inside (albeit a slimy, slanted, discredited one), Rosen is in the same position as the newest voice for Huffington’s blog team. Also figure that from the Observer article, she’s only too happy to have Huffington help her rehab her disgusting, disgraceful tenure at the RIAA, now claiming that she didn’t want to be anti-consumer and anti-technology the same way many conservatives have run away from the Iraq disaster and claimed they weren’t sold on it. 

You can look forward to other self-serving revisionist columns like her love-fest for Larry Lessig that she penned for Wired or her ridiculous article for Business 2.0 (which isn’t online now thankfully) where she also claims that she and her major label masters loved technology back in ‘03—guess she forget that they also feared it, sued it and flubbed it though. I look forward to more revisionist bullcrap from her at Huffington’s online home—at the very least, it’ll provide good laughs.

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