Kenneth James Gibson - "Poured Semi Silently Upon You" (Singles Going Steady)

by PopMatters Staff

18 April 2016

"Poured Semi Silently Upon You" is an orchestral ambient soundscape that bears the winding impressionistic focus of a Terence Malick film.

Pryor Stroud: “Poured Semi Silently Upon You” is an orchestral ambient soundscape that bears the winding impressionistic focus of a Terence Malick film. With spartan production design and minimalistic string flourishes, the track seems to stage kaleidoscopic sagas of hurt, of jealousy and interpersonal disaster, through only a few intersecting instruments. Just before the 6:30 mark, a string of aching piano chords ripple through the space that Gibson has created—a dark space, more air than substance, more color than material—and each one resounds with a secret that could shatter a lifetime. [8/10]

Emmanuel Elone: “Poured Semi Silently Upon You” is a pretty decent ambient song. The light electronic tones match well with the soft, dark piano, and Gibson keeps the song interesting by using different melodies and different chord progressions. While it is good, though, “Poured Semi Silently Upon You” would probably be great as part of a movie soundtrack. As it stands, though, it’s still worth a listen, and makes for excellent mood music. [7/10]

Chad Miller: A haunting yet beautiful instrumental track. The musical changes are usually slow, but there’s enough going on that the track usually deserves the time to revel in its tense, isolated sound. Any change here is worth the wait, and the song is all the better for it. [8/10]

Chris Ingalls: I don’t know anything about Gibson, but this sure is beautiful. It sounds eerily like a score, and while the ambient nature recalls Brian Eno, the more organic sounds—not to mention the occasional dissonance—gives it more of an edge over Eno’s often glossy sheen. The stark piano lines that come in after a few minutes provide moments both comforting and tense, if that makes sense. It’s a familiar instrument that reaches out like a warm hand in the darkness. The whole thing is supremely creepy but gorgeous. At nearly eight minutes, I want to hear even more. [9/10]

SCORE: 8.00


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