Lowland Hum - "Folded Flowers" (video) (premiere)

by Sarah Zupko

15 March 2017

Indie folk duo Lowland Hum offer up a beautiful pastoral video for the lovely song "Folded Flowers" that was shot entirely on an iPhone 6s.
Photo: Eric Kelley 

Charlottesville, Virginia indie folk duo Lowland Hum practice a sort of minimalism in their music. Focusing on soft and light tones, their songs possess an organic and fragile sensibility with spare instrumentation, right-on-the-money harmonies, and evocative lyrics. It’s a potent combination that has helped their fanbase grow quickly and passionately. On their latest video for the lovely “Folded Flowers”, the married Daniel and Lauren Goans, take a pastoral day in the woods where music fits the scenery as naturally as birdsong.
Lauren Goan tells us that “the video for Folded Flowers was shot in one continuous take using an iPhone 6S on the farmland where the videographers, Pando Creative Co. live. We have done a handful of videos with Pando Creative Co. and this one was one of our favorite collaborations by far. We rehearsed a ton and the whole team worked really hard on the elements that were within our control, but once we began rolling the video kind of took on a life of its own. Shooting outdoors with so many unpredictable factors, the process was a mix of good preparation, improvisation and adaptation, requiring the kind of gratifying teamwork neither of us have experienced since we played sports as kids.”



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