Saturday Night Fever

30th Anniversary Special Collector’s Edition [$19.99]

by Marco Lanzagorta

16 December 2007


It is nearly impossible to objectively assess the magnitude of the impact that Saturday Night Fever had all over the world. Arguably, Saturday Night Fever is the movie that most radically altered and reshaped the many facets of popular culture. While it is true that other memorable films such as Star Wars (George Lucas, 1977) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Jim Sharman, 1975) were seminal, inspirational, and generated the avid interest of legions of fans worldwide, the influence of Saturday Night Fever was far deeper, multifaceted, and across a wider segment of society. Indeed, Saturday Night Fever not only revolutionized the film and music industries, but it also defined and dictated the dress codes and hairstyles of an entire generation. In an attempt to emulate the spirit of this flick, and for years to come, regular folks wore polyester shirts, platform shoes; bell-bottom pants, gold chains, and elaborated hairstyles. It has also been reported that during the last part of the ‘70s, John Travolta’s iconic white suit was the most popular in proms and other social gatherings. Clearly, even though Saturday Night Fever does not have today a huge and fervent fan following as the Star Wars saga does, it is also true that very few people ever dressed up like storm troopers or Jedi knights on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that after nearly 30 years since its opening night, Saturday Night Fever remains the quintessential emblem of the ‘70s.

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