Schiller - 'Future' (album stream) (premiere)

by PopMatters Staff

14 December 2016

Electropop's Schiller returns with a gorgeous new album of cinematic music in Future.
Photo: Philip Glaser 

Electropop master Schiller recently released his ninth album, Future, to critical acclaim in his native Germany and it soared to number one on the charts there. Now Future is coming out in the U.S. on December 16th. Schiller describes the new record as being cinematic in scope and indeed it features walls of glistening big sound that is highly atmospheric in nature. Working on the album in Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert, aided Schiller in creating songs that both rise high and maximalist like the great urban centers of our cities, while quieting down to introspective moments. The contrasts are gorgeous and make Future both compelling dance music and scintillating headphone dreamscapes.
Schiller tells PopMatters that “time is moving so fast and the future is so precious. Whether that is the future as an attitude to life or when we sense our grain of sand like future, which we aim to shape in the time remaining of our life. For that, we need some quiet, serenity and curiosity. I would be happy if Future can provide the soundtrack for this journey for the listener.”

Schiller’s The Future releases December 16th via OK!Good Records.



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