Senator Rockefeller's sleazy porn crusade

by Jason Gross

1 March 2006


OK, I know it’s hard to believe that there’s actually a politician out there who’s grand-standing for the sake of image.  Usually Senator Jay Rockefeller is a reliable Bush critic who’s ready to point out all of Dubya’s obvious flaws that most of the political media is too cowardly to comment on but in this case, he deserves some criticism of his own.
Rocky wants to push an anti-decency bill in the Senate but here’s the catch.  It probably won’t go anywhere but he doesn’t care because he wants to score points with this on and get his colleagues to go on record about where they stand on this.  He’s even trying to out-Puritan Ted Stevens who usually is the biggest prude on Capitol Hill (as well as being a bigger shill for the oil industry than Dubya himself).  Basically, Rocky wants the fines that are thrown at radio stations and regular network TV to apply to cable and satellite stations too so that we can all enjoy entertainment at a grade school level. 

Sad to say, what’s going to happen is that Republicans (and even some bone-headed Dem’s-in-name-only like Joe Lieberman) will eventually sink to this challenge and say “Yeah, let’s nail ALL of these bastards!”  And then, we’ll only be able to enjoy “filth” in our own homes with CD’s or DVD’s that we buy.  That is until our wise senate decides that adults aren’t mature enough to deal with this kind of media either.


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