Stones' superbowl self-bleep

by Jason Gross

5 February 2006


Not that I care about the big game (everyone know it’s fake and that wrestling’s the only real sport out there) but it was funny to see Mick censor himself twice so that ABC and the NFL wouldn’t feel the FCC’s wrath.
- “Start Me Up” - The line at the end about the girl can make a “dead man cum” became “dead man——”

- “Rough Justice” - “one of your cocks” (double entrendre about barnyard animal) became “one of your——”

- “Satisfaction” doesn’t have any suggestive or “dirty” words so it went through OK

No dobut that Mick screened this with the frightful league commissioner still smarting from Janet’s wardrobe malfunction two years ago.  Rumor has it that other Stones songs that didn’t make the cut were “C-cksucker Blues,” “Some Girls,” “Bitch,” “Sweet Virginia” and… “Sweet Neocon,” the dirtiest of their recent songs.

The vocals didn’t come through well at the start of “Star Me Up” and the guitars sounded flat on “Satisfaction” but at least they were nice enough to take a bow at the end with keyboard man Chuck Leavell and bassist Daryl Jones.

After having Macca last year, it looks like the NFL is on a 60’s streak.  Up next is… what’s left of the Who?  Page/Plant? Better yet, how about another Pink Floyd reunion, this time with Syd? Arthur Lee?  A Captain Beefheart comeback? A Zappa tribute? A Velvet Underground reunion (Reed/Cale/Tucker/Yule)? A real Supremes reunion with Diana plus Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong? Oh well, we can always dream…


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