TWiG 2008-07-14

E3 Week!

by Mike Schiller

14 July 2008


Welcome to E3 Week, people!  Since nobody on our illustrious staff is actually going to E3, you’d probably be better off going to one of those other gaming sites if it’s comprehensive E3 news coverage that you’re looking for.  Otherwise, you can count on us to make occasional remarks on the big news stories and keep reviewing games.  You know, kind of like we always do.

McFadden is good and all, but he's no James Starks.

McFadden is good and all, but he’s
no James Starks.

I can’t imagine that most publishers think to themselves, “you know when a good time would be to release a game?  E3 week.  Nobody could possibly get too distracted by the overload of gaming news to forget about Big Release X, could they?”  Of course they could.  As such, there’s very little motivation to put out big releases this week, since the attention is bound to be diverted to other things.

Given the light and decidedly unimpressive list of releases this week, then, there’s only one thing that really sticks out as something I’d particularly like to play: NCAA Football 09.  Can EA put enough improvements into their yearly college football game to warrant yet another purchase?  ‘Tis the eternal question!  It is true, though, that I tend to welcome excuses to try and take my alma mater’s football program (University at Buffalo, and yes, they have a football team.  Kind of.) to a bowl game, since I’m relatively sure such an occurrence will never happen in the real world in my lifetime.  Um, Let’s go Buf-fa-lo!



Up and around the rest of the release list, Southpeak’s Mister Slime actually has nothing to do with the Dragon Quest series (unfortunately!) but it still looks like a fun little puzzle game, and Her Interactive moves their Nancy Drew series to the Nintendo DS, where it seems like it would be a perfect fit for its female adolescent target audience.  We Love Golf! is, for obvious reasons, a perfect fit for the Wii, and there’s a PlayStation 2 exclusive (I had no idea those still existed!) called B-Boy, which is You Got Served!-style breakdancing action.  Given that my 4-year-old fancies himself a breakdancer of late, I may just end up with that.

The full list of releases, along with a trailer for NCAA Football 09, is after the jump.  Happy E3 week, everyone!  Try


to hit information overload!

Yamaha Supercross (14 July)
Mister Slime (15 July)
Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society (15 July)
Space Chimps (15 July)


Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity (15 July)
NCAA Football 09 (15 July)


NCAA Football 09 (15 July)

Xbox 360:

NCAA Football 09 (15 July)
Space Chimps (15 July)
Coffeetime Crosswords (16 July, Xbox Live Arcade)


Yamaha Supercross (14 July)
NCAA Football 09 (15 July)
Rock Band Track Pack Vol 1 (15 July)
Space Chimps (15 July)
We Love Golf! (15 July)


Yamaha Supercross (14 July)
B-Boy (15 July)
NCAA Football 09 (15 July)
Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1 (15 July)
Space Chimps (15 July)


Yamaha Supercross (14 July)
City Life 2008 Edition (15 July)
Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm (15 July)
Hunting Unlimited 2009 (15 July)
The Golden Horde (15 July)
1701 A.D. Gold Edition (16 July)

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