The Strange Boys

The Strange Boys and Girls Club

by Ron Hart

26 August 2009

cover art

The Strange Boys and Girls Club

(In the Red)
US: 3 Mar 2009
UK: 2 Mar 2009

Hailing from Austin, Texas, the Strange Boys toss its hat in the new school of garage rock ring and gives the likes of Black Lips and King Khan and the Shrines a serious run for its money on its impressive debut on—what else but America’s own intrepid new school Nuggets miner—In The Red Records. Though the band might look like it stepped out of a Vice Magazine fashion shoot, these young scrappers sound as though it stepped right out of the 1967 underground, washing the English charm of Face to Face-era Kinks in an acid bath of 13th Floor Elevators proto-boogie to create something more genuine than most of the groups out there currently being touted as garage rock. The political paranoia of songs like the folky “Then” and “They’re Building the Death Camps” suggest perhaps a little too much time spent listening to fellow Texan and radio host Alex Jones, but there’s a reason why the likes of Roky Erickson and the Mighty Hannibal have asked the Strange Boys to back them up. It’s because the quartet is the real thing, y’all.

The Strange Boys and Girls Club



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