This Moment in Black History - Public Square

by Ron Hart

13 October 2010

cover art

This Moment in Black History

Public Square

(Smog Veil)
US: 2 Feb 2010
UK: Import

For over eight years, This Moment in Black History have served as the standard bearers of pure, unconcentrated Cleveland punk, picking up where such previous purveyors of street cred purity as Pistol Whip, the Easter Monkeys, Rocket from the Tombs, and the Electric Eels left off in the 1970s. And the band’s latest title, Public Square, is by far their most inventive and explosive yet, a hard charging half-hour comprised of 13 songs aimed to rattle your teeth and shake your bones with a post-punk-meets-late-‘80s-hardcore fury few rival acts could ever match. Right smack dab in the middle of the mayhem is “My Notes”, a Schooly D-type old school rap throwdown that somehow simultaneously makes little and total sense.

Public Square


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