Various Artists

Funky Fräuleins Vol.2: 1968 - 1981

by Deanne Sole

14 March 2011

cover art

Various Artists

Funky Fräuleins Vol.2: 1968-1981

(Grosse Freiheit)
US: 18 Jan 2011
UK: 24 Jan 2011

This album is being sold with a Font o’ Swishy Funkiness and a pretzel’d limber babe in body paint, blonde hair over boob like one of those mystic flying bits of cloth that cover the genitalia of cherubs in oil paintings—in short, the exterior is decorative, and it invites you not to take the contents too seriously—but the compilation is strongest at those moments when one of the Fräuleins erupts with a sincere and full-bodied boom, planting herself on her dignity. I’m thinking in particular of Donna Gaines telling you in “Can’t Understand” to, “Please let me walk / With a steady beat” (originally Donna Summers). Other songs are fun and cute and suit the cover better: Uschi Moser summoning her Sugar-Sugar in “Sunny Honey”, and Heidelinde Weis grinning wide-eyed at “Der Supermann”. Superman is wunderbar. Oh! A male voice echoes her. Perhaps it is Nietzsche. “For fans of Marina label’s In-Kraut series,” offers the publicity blurb, and it is correct.

Funky Fräuleins Vol.2: 1968-1981


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