Dave I.D.


by Dylan Nelson

9 May 2011

cover art

Dave I.D.


US: 1 Feb 2011
UK: 1 Feb 2011

London producer and DJ Dave I.D. may see himself as some kind of rebel outsider, but on his EP Gangs he sounds more like a misanthropic metalhead than a hero of the underground. With a mixture of rapping, singing and looping, Dave I.D. wails over a shuddering and monotonous cacophony of apocalyptic noise. His churning, industrial beats and belabored, fervent vocals are more likely to foster impatience than outcry. “It’s only me I can save / But then it’s me on my own,” he sings with an uninspired sneer on “Only Me I Can Save”. Dave I.D. is undeniably “on his own”, and if he doesn’t make an effort to get out of his head a little, he’s going to stay that way.




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