Orchestre National de Jazz

Shut Up and Dance

by John Garratt

21 July 2011

cover art

Orchestre National de Jazz

Shut Up and Dance

(Bee Jazz)
US: 26 Apr 2011
UK: 20 Sep 2010
Online Release Date: 30 Nov 2010

Bland music may cause the listener to come up short on adjectives, but exceptional music can totally rob your mouth of convenient genre names and labels. The latter is what’s going on with Orchestre National de Jazz’s Shut Up and Dance project, a sideways nod to modern big band featuring the compositions of John Hollenbeck. Under the current direction of Daniel Yvinec, this French ensemble tailor-fits each tribute it takes on, and Shut Up and Dance is all the more inspiring for being all over the map. Modes, moods and chops are plentiful as only superb writing and arranging will allow. It may be technically described as big band homage, but this recording is tied to nothing. And if there is any justice in the world, this album will make everyone forget about Paula Abdul’s album of the same name.

Shut Up and Dance



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